Display screen equipment

Display screen equipment

This course has been designed to help you to understand the Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) regulations 1992.

It will also provide you with comprehensive guidance about the safe use of DSE and will cover both office work as well as other environments where DSE may be used.

The course involves a presentation and quiz which must be passed to gain the certificate for completing the course


  • What is DSE and who is classed as a User?
  • Who is excluded from the DSE Regulations?
  • Hot Desk, Home Workers and Laptop Users
  • Injuries from using DSE and Risk Reduction
  • Eyes and eyesight
  • What is a workstation
  • Correct seating, posture and layout of a work station
Display screen equipment
Token(s):1 token
Monetary Cost:£19.99
What are tokens?

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