Asbestos awareness

Asbestos awareness

The use of Asbestos was banned in 1999 however any building built before this date may contain an asbestos based product.

Despite the fact that asbestos is no longer used in UK Industry, asbestos related deaths are predicted to rise due to exposure.

The asbestos regulations require all relevant personnel to be provided with asbestos awareness training which is refreshed every 12 month.

The course involves a presentation, video and quiz which must be passed to gain the certificate for completing the course.

Objective of the course:

  • What is asbestos and where did it come from
  • Types of Asbestos
  • What are the effects on health
  • When was it banned
  • Asbestos Legislation
  • What the uses were and where can it be found
  • When is it dangerous
  • How is it removed
  • What should you do if you suspect or find it
Asbestos awareness
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Monetary Cost:£19.99
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